2017 Reunion, no let's do 10-8-16
Posted Sunday, July 17, 2016 05:57 PM

Hello all,

I am still alive and working hard to finish up my first book, The Big White House with the Red-Tin Roof.  It is a book full of short stories that mostly involves me and my brother, Buzzy.  Our older sister, Carolyn did not play much with us...she was the "brainiac" of our family and loved to read where Buz and I did not...but, now I love to read and learn.  My book is dedicated to my mother and to my brother.  Mama is the one that encouraged me to write it.  I am fulfilling her request. Buz loved life and we enjoyed his company for 23 years and our mother lived to age 99, 3 months and 20 days.  She was shooting for 100.

Buzzy was killed in action in Vietnam 9-25-1970, Thu Thien Province.  He and his men were on recon and walked into a beehive of North Vietnam soldiers...we did not know they had come that far down the Ho chi minh Trail and a really big fire-fight broke out when the found each other. According to GHS Class of 1965 pres, Rusty Brooks, he said Buzzy died a hero.  Considering how controversial Vietnam was, I hope he did not die in vain.  I know he said he'd be back home in a pine box and I hushed him on those words.  He said he would make the best of it all and be the best damn soldier Uncle Sam ever saw and I think that did take place.  When you go over to the high school, look for the Class of 65's dedicated bench called," Buzzy's Bench."  I think it is out front. His only son, Jason Adam Grimes, age 46 was able to attend the dedication.  Rusty and his committee found Adam (in Jacksonville, FL) and now after 30 years I get to communicate with him again...Yippi!!! Oh, does he ever look like his father!!! Handsome for sure.

Anyway, my heart is full and I am finishing up trying to get pages of script to stick in a pdf to the publisher.  I just hope nothing else falls out.  For two weeks I have been back and forth with the publisher because lines fall out as well as pages or paragraphs... why??? I have no idea.  It is hard because my car is dead...did a Dukes of Hazard over a 10 foot drop by a railroad crossing in the gravel, dark and rain that had a new approach that I did not know about...ya know, I live out west now so, yippi ki yea!!  Well, now I have to walk to bus stop...one stop from the downtown beginning point where our Carnegie Library is located and where I have to go as computer is dead, too.  I end up riding the full route (55 minutes) before getting to my destination of library.  Last bus is 5:40 pm and I end up having to walk back home which is hard for me since I have  equilibrium problem and use cane to walk...otherwise look drunk, and I do not drink.

Now I am at the part of my title to this post: October 8 at Sandersville, GA in Washington County is the Kaolin Festival and I have a red canopy with white sun/wind screens where I will be set  up to sell my book...Big White House with the Red-Tin Roof. (Book cost $19 plus 8% GA tax)  I would love to see you all.  But, this will be my last trip to Georgia unless I win the lottery...but, I do not play it.  My audience is down in Washington County.  My book is about our family from age 2 to 12 for me before we moved to Atlanta.  I tell it as it was and how I remembered my life.  I stick in some educational stuff from one place and another to keep older folks engaged...Miss Morrison liked my writing and was my first encourager.  Book #2 is called Rich on Culture, Short on Cash and it will cover age 12 to retirement.  I am working on it now.  Both books are/were written on the Library computers!  It is a first here in Albany, Oregon.

OK, how about it?  Let's have a reunion down in Sandersville.  I will be staying at the Villa South Motor Inn, 866-925-8705 on Oct 7 & 8th (Fri and Sat nites).  OR, sometimes between October 10th to 16th in the Atlanta area.  (I am headed to Savannah on Oct 9th with my daughter, Chris...named for Chris Hope.)

Y'all decide and let me know via this conduit.  I stay on a tight budget...my Scottish ansestors would be proud...have only 350 minutes each month and they go so fast.  I have unlimited text, so that is really the best way to reach me.  If you have to talk, call on th 21st of any month as that is the day I get my new minutes.

I am so glad to be able to be back in touch with you guys. 


Mary Grimes Grimes